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Conventional Property Sales Process
Hesitant Buyers:  Potential buyers may negotiate or reverse their decisions, casting doubt on the sale’s finalization.
Property Preparation: The sale necessitates enhancing the home’s appeal to buyers, potentially leading to additional repair costs.
Property Showings:  It’s necessary to arrange home tours and welcome visitors before finalizing a sale.
Sales Duration:  Anticipate a waiting period of up to two months (under favorable circumstances) to fully complete the property sale.
Chet Buys Homes Inc.
Indecisive Buyers:  There’s a risk of buyers negotiating or withdrawing, which can leave sellers feeling insecure about the deal’s outcome.
Maintenance for Sale:  Making your home appealing to prospective buyers often means spending it on maintenance.
Showings Required:  Organizing home viewings and having guests is a prerequisite to selling your residence.
Extended Sales Cycle: You might expect a delay of around two months (with some luck) to fully transfer your property.

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