How to sell a home ‘as is’ in California?


Selling a home ‘as is’ in California means making a deal without an expert realtor or repairs. In contrast, traditional selling requires a lot of homework for repairs and making essential improvements, which can include considerable money. Therefore, a practical and straightforward approach to closing your deal without any fear of return on investment is selling a house ‘as is.’

You can sell your house FBSO or through a ‘we cash home buyer’ company. However, the profit gains from these methods will be less than local market conditions. Therefore, choosing an expert real estate agent can increase your profit by up to 100% by avoiding time wastage. This guide will teach you critical aspects to consider while selling a house ‘as is’ in California.

What does selling a home as is mean?

Selling a home in ‘as is’ condition means making a fair deal on your property for cash than the existing fair value of the market. This requires no additional improvements, adjustments, or repairs, saving you time and commission fees. However, understanding the existing defects or repairs is essential as this significantly impacts closing your deal while selling a home ‘as is’ in California. Therefore, removing or adjusting a critical defect must make your buyer confident and close the deal smoothly.

Comparative Markey Analysis

Comparative market analysis helps generate an exact value for your house. It operates by evaluating certain factors, such as measurements, location, and other features, to compare your house’s worth with current market values.  

Techniques of selling a home as is

Several methods can be applied based on your connivance while selling a home ‘as is’ in California.

  • Selling FBSO: Selling a house alone requires proper homework and a deep insight into your home. If applied accurately, this method can boost your profit and avoid commission. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of selling a home at a loss. 
  • Hire cash home buyer companies: You can choose cash home buyer companies to reduce the hassle of selling a home as is in California. These companies boost your house’s exposure by putting in market listing services.
  • Consult an expert realtor: Consider consulting an expert realtor from California to thoroughly examine your house’s defects. This will reduce the chance of disputes while closing the deal and let you obey the seller disclosure laws.

Essential documents to sell a house ‘as is’

Selling a house ‘as is’ in California requires proper documentation. The transfer document of ownership is based on the residential contracts used when buying or selling a home. Another essential document involves the ‘as is’ residential form.

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If you are ready to sell a home ‘as is’ in California, avoid closing the deal alone, as it can waste your time and effort without much profit gains. However, consider hiring a professional real estate agent from Chet Buys Homes Inc. to gain a practical approach quickly.

They assist in attracting cash home buyers and selling your house without repairs. They also reduce commissions, optimize reachability to cash home buyers, and close deals with up to 100% profit. Moreover, you can reach out to our website or call to witness a hassle-free experience of selling your house. 


Selling a home ‘as is’ in California can be accomplished with numerous methods. However, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of these methods is necessary as they relate to profit margin and time stress. However, before choosing these methods, a critical evaluation of market conditions and the existing appearance of the house is essential.

Moreover, you can sell a house FBSO or hire ‘we cash home buyer’ companies, but there are vast chances of a decrease in profit margin. Selling a house by consulting a professional realtor can reduce stress and boost your profit margin. They assist with the policy of no commission or fee like traditional sellers that can increase your selling profit more than fair market value.    

Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask an expert realtor question while selling your home ‘as is.’ Some examples include a comparative market analysis report, any extra charges in the form of fees or commissions, the timeline, and the method employed in selling your house.

Selling a house ‘as is’ by hiring 'we buy cash home' companies can save you time and stress. However, the cash offer against your property would be lower than the existing fair market value.

Consulting a team of experts like Chet Buys Homes Inc. can reduce your stress and time. They can help maximize your house's reachability to potential buyers and boost your profit after closing the deal. 

Consulting an expert realtor like Chet Buys Homes Inc. to sell your house 'as is' can reduce stress and boost your profit margins after closing the deal. Their team of skilled experts assists you in each step of making a profitable deal without commission, like the traditional market sellers.